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Managed data Protection We deploy and manage the solution, Let us managed your email protection solution. so you can focus on growing your business.

Managed Deployment and Management

We are specialists in email and data security. We provide managed email security deployment  and management helping your business to remain secure, and competitively productive. We understand that not every business owner has the technical capability to deploy and manage data security solution. That is why we are providing this cost effective service to small business owners. Please note that we only work with Microsoft O365, Google Workspace, and Exchange.

Solution Deployment Stages

Information Gathering Stage

We will engage you to understand your requirements and recommend the best solutions for your environment.

Pre-deployment Stage

We will configure the solution within the portal with all the necessary settings and policies to match your environment requirement.

Users Configuration Stage

At this stage, we will add manually add all your users/ employees to the solution's portal or use Azure Directory to import users.

Rollout Stage

We will do the domain verification,change the MX records, SPF record and finally rollout the solution. Emails will now be scan for virus, spam, etc.

Training Stage

We will provide initial training on best email security practices, and recommend security awareness training add-on.

Continuous Managed Service

Mail Flow Management

  •  We ensure consistent flow of emails to your users
  • We track and report false negative and false positive emails to the solution provider threat team.
  • We create needed filters that will fit and work with your day to day business communication.
  • If your business has to meet data archive compliance, we will recommend and help setup the data archive add-on.
  • We will monitor your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on both the inbound and outbound side and provide assistance as needed.
  • We will requested bulk sending emails for your users if needed.
  • We help troubleshoot emails to see why they were quarantined.

Premium Support

  • We are your email threat protection support specialist.
  • We provide worry-free support, so you can focus on growing your business and not have to worry about technical issues with your emails protection.
  • We provide support response within one to three hours during office hours.
  • Our 24/7 support portal is available to create support ticket, monitored by our support technicians.
  • Phone Support: Call back available for emergency situation.

Managed solution for your data protection

We provide scalable solutions that fit small and  medium size businesses. Additionally, we offer flexible pricing that include annual, quarterly, and monthly payment options.

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