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Email Archiving

Email archiving is a system for preserving email communications in a format that can be digitally stored, indexed, searched and retrieved. Proofpoint Essentials Email Archive helps you manage and secure your email data. It lets you stay compliant, reduce data storage constraints and allow end users to perform quick searches on archived mail. Built and priced for the small and midsize business, it gives you all of the flexibility and benefits you would expect from enterprise-class email archive solutions.

Essentials Email Archive leverages the journaling function of Microsoft Exchange to copy all internal, outbound and inbound email. It saves this data, including the original email and the sending data. (Sending data can include sender, recipients, CC/BCC and group membership.) It also lets you import from legacy archives or Exchange. Whether you use Exchange or Office 365, you can enable journaling and direct email traffic to Proofpoint Essentials. From there, Essentials can then process and store the email based on your retention policies.

Email Archiving Compliance

Most organizations are subject to rules that require email compliance archiving and to retain some records—and not just those in traditionally “regulated” industries. As Osterman Research explains, financial documents, email correspondence between organizations, employee records, invoices, shipping information, and even metadata may be subject to archiving rules. These regulations often require organizations to collect, monitor, retain and produce these records on demand.

Key Benefits

Automatically preserve all emails and attachments
Protect critical customer data and store it securely
Reduce data storage constraints and meet legal and regulatory requirements
Perform quick and extensive searches on archived email
Allow end users to easily access their archived data and reduce burden on your IT staff or help desk

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