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Email Continuity

Email continuity is an emergency email system that can temporarily replace the email server when it goes offline. Users can send and receive emails using the regular email address, even when the primary email server is inaccessible.

Email Continuity with the Proofpoint Essentials Emergency Inbox

Automatic access to your email even if your server fails or unexpected downtime hits. The Proofpoint Essentials Emergency Inbox ensures your business email is always fully operational. This much-loved feature, simply accessed via a secure web link, means your organization will never miss important email due to down-times and your customers won’t even know there’s an issue.

How does the Emergency Inbox work?

If email messages cannot be delivered due to network issues, Emergency Inbox enables users you to log in and access new mail instantly and securely via any web connection. Users can quickly and easily access any queuing email via a webmail client, with the ability to read, forward, reply, open attachments and compose new messages as normal. Whilst other Email Continuity systems only activate when an action is taken after a disaster, the Proofpoint Essentials Emergency Inbox automatically kicks in from the very moment a problem hits so your enterprise doesn’t miss a single email. Such functionality means the outside world will have no idea the organization is experiencing technical difficulties. Additionally, all messages sent and received via the emergency inbox will continue to be scanned for any content rules previously set by the organization

Emergency Inbox Benefits

The Emergency Inbox is activated instantly and automatically, providing
users with the ability to open, read, download attachments and reply to
any email currently queuing.
Users can compose new emails that will be sent from their usual email
account, so recipients will never know there’s an issue.
Quick restoration of any email sent or received via the Emergency Inbox,
to your primary system once it recovers.
Messages restored to the email server with intact headers which can
provide forensic data for archiving & legal purposes

Emergency Inbox Features

Instant and automatic activation
Administrator control of user access
Quick, one step restoration of messages
Fast and easy web-access to queued email
Enables business email as usual
Recipients won’t know there’s an issue

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