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Email Encryption

Email Encryption Definition. Email encryption is an authentication process that prevents messages from being read by an unintended or unauthorized individual. Proofpoint Encryption™ provides powerful policy-driven cryptographic features that mitigate the risks associated with regulatory violations, data loss, and corporate policy violations, enabling positive communications Business-Critical.

As email is the preferred medium for business communications, preventing confidential information from being leaked in outbound email messages must be
a top priority in order to lower the risk of a data breach. Additionally, the number of government and industry regulations focused on data protection is on the rise, with federal laws such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA; security standards such as PCI-DSS; and state laws such as Massachusetts 201 CMR 17. Most of these regulations mandate that enterprises protect private data through technologies such as encryption. Proofpoint Encryption meets these mandates with the industry’s most powerful and flexible solution for policy-driven email encryption.


  • Policy-Based Encryption
    Encryption is automatically applied, based on an organization’s policies. Compliance, data loss prevention and content security policies are consistently and accurately applied. Internal-to-internal encryption is available with the desktop plug-in.
  • Streamlined Storage
    Key management, backup and administration burdens are eliminated through the Proofpoint Key Service, providing secure, cost-efficient, highly available and fully redundant key storage facilities.
  • Granular Control
    Provides granular message control by allowing expiration of encrypted messages and the ability to revoke any individual message to any one specific individual.
  • Secure Messaging
    Makes ad hoc, secure communication just as easy as traditional, non-encrypted messaging. Recipients can easily view their encrypted email through the Secure Reader, an easy- to-use, customizable web-based interface.
  • Encrypt Classified Data
    Proofpoint can encrypt classified documents whose metadata has been marked up with a tool such as Microsoft IAM to ensure these types of documents are only view-able by people with the correct classification privileges.
  • Trusted Partner Encryption
    Decrypt secure messages at the gateway between trusted partners who are both using the Proofpoint Encryption Service. This allows users to view encrypted messages without needing to use Secure Reader.
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