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Email Data Loss Prevention

Email is the most critical risk vector for inbound threats. It’s also a critical threat vector for outbound data loss. Proofpoint Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) mitigates the risk of data breach via email. And it satisfies compliance with our 80+ built-in policies. It gives you out-of-the-box visibility and enforcement without the complexity and cost of disparate solutions. And it’s integrated with Proofpoint Enterprise DLP, which brings together our market-leading DLP solutions for email, cloud and endpoint.

Proofpoint Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) takes a modern, people-centric approach to protecting your data. It provides you with integrate content awareness and behavioral and threat awareness. This gives you granular visibility into your users’ interactions with sensitive data. Proofpoint Email DLP detects sensitive data and confidential information. And it keeps it from leaking outside your organization through email. It accurately identifies sensitive information, detects data exfiltration transmissions via email, and stops critical data loss.

Key Benefits

Manage and enforce email DLP and encryption centrally on our industry-leading email gateway
Integrate with the Proofpoint
Information and Cloud Security platform and comprehensively address the entire spectrum of people-centric data loss scenarios
Detect and analyze sensitive data in email messages and attachments
Seamless user and mobile experience


More than 240 built-in data identifiers
PCI, SOX, GLBA, SEC insider trading terms, and other global country specific templates
GDPR, UK-DPA, EU-DPD, PIPEDA (Canada), UK National Insurance Number, Japanese credit card numbers
PII, HIPAA, ICD-9, ICD-10, National Drug Code, other healthcare code sets

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