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Anti-Spam Protection

Email is the No. 1 threat vector, with 96% of suspicious social actions arriving through email. In addition to common email threats like phishing attacks and malware, emerging business email compromise (BEC) has posed a new threat to organizations. Email Protection catches both known and unknown threats that others miss.

Proofpoint Email Protection is the industry-leading email gateway, which can be deployed as a cloud service or on premises. It catches both known and unknown threats that others miss. Powered by NexusAI, our advanced machine learning technology, Email Protection accurately classifies various types of email. And it detects and blocks threats that don’t involve malicious payload, such as business email compromise (BEC), using our Advanced BEC Defense. You can also automatically tag suspicious email to help raise user awareness. And you can track down any email in seconds. Plus, our granular email filtering controls spam, bulk graymail and other unwanted email.

Block malicious and unwanted email

Proofpoint has built multilayered detection techniques into Email Protection to defend against constantly evolving threats. With signature- based detection, it blocks known threats like viruses, trojan horses and ransomware. And it uses dynamic reputation analysis to continually assess local and global IP addresses to determine whether to accept email connections. Proofpoint’s unique email classifier also dynamically classifies a wide variety of emails. This includes impostor, phishing, malware, spam, bulk mail, adult content and circle of trust. And it quarantines incoming email by types. Together, these features help protect you at the first signs of malicious activity.

Detect phishing, impostor and fraudulent email

Email Protection detects emerging threats before they can get to your user’s inbox. Proofpoint Advanced BEC Defense powered by NexusAI is designed to effectively stop a wide variety of email fraud. That includes payment redirect and supplier invoicing fraud from compromised accounts. These types of threats require a more sophisticated detection technique, as there’s often no malicious payload to detect.
Advanced BEC Defense is our ML and AI-powered detection engine. It is specifically designed to find and stop BEC attacks.

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