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Experience the complete isolation of VPS Hosting. Your VPS package will be completely unaffected by anything else occurring on your server. Enjoy root access and the freedom to install the applications you need, when you need them. Your resources are guaranteed, so no matter what your CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth are allocated to your projects. Get the features and functions of a dedicated server without the price tag of a dedicated server.


Rebuilding your Virtual Private Server can be done right through our intuitive cloud dashboard. Rebuilding a server will automatically install your server with the Linux OS of your choice, good as new.

Rebuilding a VPS takes about a minute, and can be done under 2 clicks. It’s free!


Recovery Mode

You can use the recovery mode anytime to backup your data inside the server if you loose access to your server, or it doesn’t boot up as usual.

Enabling recovery mode takes about a minute, always available on the cloud dashboard

Root Access

With root access, you can take 100% control of your VPS. Having root access lets you install control panels, application servers and many other software on your VPS as soon as it’s deployed. It gives you control of your VPS.

We offer a variety of control panels that you can use with our SC2 instances. You can choose between a paid cPanel/WHM  or a free panel, that our support team can help install.


Let's you access your VPS through VNC, even when the VPS doesn’t have an active internet connection.

Remote Management

Reboot, boot and shutdown your server any time with just a click of a button

Network Backbone

Your servers are backed by fully redundant, high-speed & low latency multi-gigabit networks

Powerfull CPUs

Utilize the full power of the latest Intel® Xeon Scalable processors for high speed computing

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